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Bespoke funding solutions for commercial clients originated through banks and other registered financial institutions, adding value in property, asset and business finance areas. Mostly it is a hybrid of different finance structures which constitute the final solution. Consideration is given to pricing (interest rate & facility fees); structure of the facility; collateral and sureties, income flows and who the project coordinator is. We operate under mandate where the fee structure is agreed to upfront in consultation with our clients.


  • Commercial Credit Lines
  • Equipment Finance
  • Fleet Finance (FML)
  • Instalment Sale
  • Sale and Leaseback

Asset finance provides facilities which allow a business to purchase income producing assets. Risk managed products such as Full Maintenance Leasing (FML) are offered. Types of asset finance include installment sale, leasing and rentals. Asset value can be unlocked through sale and leaseback structures which will allow for the asset to be purchased from the business and rented back over a fixed term, unlocking fair value of the asset for the business.


  • Acquisition Finance
  • Development Finance
  • Refinance Solutions
  • Equity Finance

Property finance including the acquisition of existing properties; facilities for residential, commercial, retail or mixed used developments; recapitalization of existing property portfolios to unlock capital and co-development models where financiers would take an equity stake in a project.


  • Debtor Finance
  • Overdraft Facilities
  • Term Loan Facilities
  • Bridging Finance
  • Facility Reviews
  • Guarantees

Business funding solutions are facilities secured against debtors, work in progress, historic turnover and future cashflows provided in the form of overdraft facilities, term loans, revolving credit facilities and guarantees. Bridging finance facilities are short term, arranged very quickly and supported by a predetermined exit/repayment strategy such as a VAT reimbursement or sale of an asset. Guarantees are used to enhance other lending, secure a creditor /debtor or simply to de-risk a project for the client and financier/investor. All facilities are required to be reviewed annually where the financial institution will ensure that the position of the borrower is similar or better than at the time the loan was initially approved. These financial covenants need to be adhered to or the loan facility can be reduced. We can assist in the review process by handling the negotiations between the financial institution and the client.