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Property efficiency and development solutions.
Preferred procurement, solar solutions, security & technology solutions and best efficiency practices, drive down the costs of property management, development and redevelopment.
  • Procurement
  • Efficiency Auditing
  • Building Compliance
  • Solar Solutions
  • Security & Technology Solutions

Building technologies reduce the costs associated with the development of a property or the operational expense of managing an existing property.

Technology is an integral part in reducing existing building costs or new development costs. Some of these technologies are found in the energy space such as solar and power management solutions and in the security space where access control systems and technology security systems are used. In the efficiency space the use of lighting, escalators, and geysers which are energy efficient and driven by technology are a key factor.

The aspects of building technology enhance the funding process by reducing operational expense ratios on existing assets or increasing the yield on a new development.

Consulting on adherence to compliance and building standards is part of this offering.